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04 August 2020

Cashless gratitude

The majority of Russians (61%) give tips. The rest don’t get the services of those whom you should “thank” (25%) or refuse to do it on principle as the employees get paid for their work (14%), according to the survey* that was carried out on the Rambler website on July 20-22 for SberIndex.ru analytical website.

At the same time, 35% of the respondents always give tips, while 26% do it rarely.

As much as 86% use cash for tipping, and 14% give electronic tips some more often, some less often.

As much as 20% of the respondents are sure that employees deserve additional gratitude by default as they have a difficult job.

As much as 62% of the respondents thank waiters with a small amount of money, 15% leave tips for gas station attendants and taxi drivers, 10% for couriers, food and goods deliverymen, 8% for movers and 5% for hotel staff.

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