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09 September 2020

Pandemic drives compassion. The experts analyze charity donations

The coronavirus pandemic has driven compassion in Russians, SberIndex.ru analysts say. Russia’s coronavirus peak in April and May coincided with an upsurge in charity donations.

The upsurge in charity donations was spotted in Russian regions where coronavirus-related issues were particularly bad.

For instance, compared to April, the number of donations in May grew by 3.7 times in Dagestan, by 3.5 times in Ingushetia, by 3.4 times in Chechnya, and almost doubled in Kabardino-Balkaria.

In general, the metric grew by over one-third since the pandemic set in, as compared to last year.

The highest donated average was spotted in Oryol Region (RUB1,504 year-to-date), Khakassia (RUB1,157), Moscow (RUB903), and Chukotka (RUB697).

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