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21 July 2020

Real-time retail consumption tracker for July 13 – 19. 2020

Last week, Russians would hang wallpaper, build bath houses, and laminate floors. Contractual services, including the work of redecoration and construction teams, have been growing for a third week in a row (+8.2%). Building and home improvement goods also enjoyed higher and stable demand (+3.4%), according to a new tracker on the analytical website SberIndex.ru.

Between July 13 and 19, 2020, consumer spending in Russia lost only 0.2% y-o-y.

Consumers keep snapping up video games and updating their anti-virus software. The categories added a whopping 83.2% y-o-y.

As for tourism, it faced a deceleration over the week as spending dropped for hotels (–61.0% y-o-y), air tickets (–51.8% y-o-y), and vacation packages (–52.4% y-o-y) by more than two times. SberIndex will keep tracking the demand for tours.

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