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28 July 2020

Real-time retail consumption tracker for July 20 – 26, 2020

For the week of July 20th – 26th consumer spending was back in the positive territory with a +0.6 y-o-y reading. The number of points of sale operating on July 20–26 was 1.4% less compared to February 2020 average.

Changes to the industry structure of companies signifies the importance of this business survival strategy during the lockdown.

Weekly spending changes inside specific categories are becoming more stable too. Spending on non-food items stays way above the 2019 level (+10.1% y-o-y). Interestingly, this was driven by home appliances and electronics, as well as cars. At the same time, the demand for services stabilized at subpar levels, and is now 17.6% lower than a year ago. One of the reasons the term subpar can be applied is that the observed trend is still noticeably weaker than the March figures, when spending in this segment had already started to decline.

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