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04 August 2020

Real-time retail consumption tracker for July 27 - August 2, 2020

Between July 27 and August 2, consumer spending decreased by 0.9%, as compared to 2019. SberIndex analysts registered a drop of 0.7% y-o-y in July. Last week’s negative dynamics contributed to the result. The spending in June would have been 6% compared to 2019 without the government stimulus measures.

When it comes to stores and the service industry, the number of open outlets was 2.2% lower last week than in February 2020. Finally, the consumer activity index published on SberIndex.ru is 73.0 out of 100 points, while the average metric in July was 76.5 points. More and more factors prove that the natural recovery of households’ spending finished in July.

During the last week of July, non-food items contributed to the worsening of the spending situation the most. Between July 27 and August 2, this category added 5.2% compared to +10.1% w-o-w.

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