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05 November 2020

How many times a month Russians go grocery shopping offline and online

According to Sber analysts, Russians were ordering groceries online a lot during the lockdown, but when the restrictions were lifted, they went back to their more usual patterns. In general, the proportion of customers using this shopping channel is under 2.5% across Russia, standing below 7% in Moscow.

The share of Russians doing grocery shopping online grew from an average of 2.9% in January to 3.3% in March. In Moscow, the metric jumped from 5.8% in January to 8.7% in April. During the summer when people were allowed to travel again, the metric slid to 2.1% in Russia and 5.7% in Moscow as people left for their dachas and went on vacation.

This can be compared to last year when the metric in Moscow shrunk from 1.6% in 1Q to 1.3% during the summer.