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28 March 2019

The Russian car-sharing market in 2018/2019

Sberbank has analysed the Russian carsharing market. It turned to be the one of the most dynamic markets last year. All key the indicators —number of users, revenue, and car fleet — grew by more than fivefold in 2018.

In December 2017, 51,600 Russians spent RUB 295.3 mln on short-term car rental per month. This increased to 228,800 people in December 2018, and total expenses on carsharing were RUB 951.5 mln. This indicator exceeded RUB 1 bln in January 2019. Companies in the segment generated RUB 7 bln of revenue last year, according to Sberbank.

Five companies were active on the market in mid-2017; there were already 13 at the beginning of last year. The market leader is Moscow (85%). There were 16,000 carsharing vehicles in Moscow by the end of 2018. In all other regions there were about 3,800 vehicles in total. The capital’s fleet increased to 18,000 cars in the first months of 2019.

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