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30 June 2020

Аn upsurge in demand for services at Moscow gyms, cafes, and restaurants

Last week (between June 22 and 26), more than 400 gyms and swimming pools reopened in Moscow, to bring the total number of working sports clubs to 676. The demand for sports services is recovering at an extremely high rate. The number of visitors to gyms increased 4.5 times from 1,450 people on June 22 to 6,604 people on June 23, i.e. in just one day.

Daily revenues in the Sports and Health Clubs category has increased more than 5 times, even though more than half of outlets that operated in the first quarter of 2020 are still closed. Today, both demand and revenue make up only a third of the figures in February.

After the removal of restrictions on operations of cafes and restaurants, the number of their visitors is also growing every day. On June 23, almost 3,000 cafes and restaurants reopened their doors in Moscow. The number of visitors that day increased to 781,000 people (by 95,000 people or 14% compared to the previous day).

Interestingly, the opening of summer terraces a week earlier caused an increase of only 45,000 people (+7%).

In general, the number of visitors increased by almost 50% compared to June 8-14, when restaurants were closed and handled only take-out orders. But full recovery is still a long way off. In January-March, an average of almost 1 mln people went to cafes and restaurants every day, while now it’s about 80% of this number.

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